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SlitLED takes part in Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2020

We were honored to take part in Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2020, with over 100 speakers from 20 countries. This year in its online version. We shared some of our novel technology and ideas on Ophthalmic Telemedicine. Already looking forward to 2021's convention, hopefully next time in a post-corona, in-person version.

October 2020

SlitLED has signed a strategic partnership collaboration with Open-Valley

OpenValley is a unique co-working space. Designed specifically for scale-up teams. Led by Yossi Ackerman, with over two decades as president and CEO of Elbit Systems, and Ofir Dubovi, Director and co-founder in industry leading companies such as Kaminario, NICE and Amdocs. OpenValley offers a plug-and-play membership to accelerate business growth. We see great value in the collaboration between SlitLED and the Open-Valley ecosystem, offering us the best advisors and mentors in the field, and a plethora of networking opportunities.

July 2020

Winners of the NORTECH-Summit

We have won the startup contest at the NORTECH-Summit, out of more than 100 participating startup companies.

January 23, 2020

What we do

The problem

The Slit-Lamp has been the primary ophthalmic tool since 1919 and to this day is an invaluable tool for the diagnosis and evaluation of common ocular complaints, ocular emergencies, and systemic disease.
However, it has a significant limitation – the examination requires an onsite meeting between the ophthalmologist, the patient, and the Slit-Lamp device. Resulting in billions of people all over the world who are left without access to professional ophthalmic services. The U.S National Institute of Health (NIH) claims that the number of people with visual impairment or blindness in the United States is expected to double to more than 8 million by 2050.
According to the CDC, in the U.S alone the annual economic impact of major vision problems among the adult population 40 years and older is more than $145 billion as for today. The annual cost is estimated to reach almost $400 Billion by 2050. 

This issue is unfortunately very common in developing countries yet is also pronounced in western countries such as the U.S. Canada, the U.K and australia. While in other fields of medicine the issue of accessibility has been addressed, using technological solutions, Still to this day a solution for a remote Slit-lamp examination is yet to be introduced to the market.

The inherent difficulties of face to face meetings are amplified these days as the result of COVID-19 infection risk during face to face meetings.

SlitLED’s solution

The optimal platform for ophthalmic Telemedicine

We started our design from first principles to best address the requirements for a telemedicine-based medical device. A medical device that from the ground up is designed for remote operation, completely mitigating latency in operation, allowing for a real-time, comprehensive, dynamic examination that can be fully controlled by a remote physician, while on the other hand offering advanced automation capabilities.

During the design and implementation of such a solution, we have to provide a multi-disciplinary solution including Electro-optics, mechanics, various software technologies including image processing and auto-focus techniques.

This product will allow ophthalmologists to conduct their examinations from their office on patients from remote locations without the need for a face to face meeting. This way, providing the peripheral population access to professional ophthalmic services.


Optimizing the workflow

We have separated the classic Slit Lamp device into two different units:
The patient unit will be located in a remote point of care, while the doctor’s unit will be positioned in his office. The patient will be assisted by a technician/ nurse throughout the examination process. The eye-physician will operate the device at the remote point of care and control the patient’s unit in a way similar to the Slit Lamp examination. assisted by a technician/ nurse throughout the examination process. The eye-physician will operate the device at the remote clinic and control the patient’s unit in a way similar to the Slit Lamp examination. 

The “Multi-Slit” innovative solution

The doctor defines the examination parameters, then on the patient’s side, the examination unit produces the requested images. Multi-slit images are then separated by image processing into multiple images, each containing a single slit of light. These images can be navigated by the physician, allowing dynamically scanning all the parts of the patient’s eye – similar to the “traditional” work with the slit lamp and providing at least the same quality of examination In order to preserve the stereoscopic examination capabilities, we are also deploying a VR headset that would present the doctor with 2 simultaneous images that were acquired by 2 cameras at the patient unit. Our system would not only settle for the gold standard of stereoscopic imaging but would offer a full 3D reconstruction of the eye allowing the physician a complete virtual tour inside the patient’s eye using a VR headset.

A patent protected, latency mitigating technology

This technological solution was invented and patented by SlitLED’s leading optical researcher – Professor Erez Ribak from the Technion in Israel. The idea is based on the simple concept of image freeze. Co-opt with novel optical innovations, it offers an elegant solution to precision remote slit imaging, allowing the doctor to examine very specific parts of the eye without having to suffer from the limitations of communication latency mechanical motor operation while moving the slit of light to a precise location inside the eye, and overcomes the not less complicated issue of precision imaging despite constant micro-movements (or saccades) of the patient’s eye.

A.I. and Data Mining platform

In addition, our device would be the perfect platform for any A.I. software offers not only an important aid tool for the physician in diagnosing the patient but also an important tool for machine learning and data analytics.

Alongside with the telehealth solution, SlitLED is designed to be the perfect platform for the implementation of AI in the ophthalmic field due to several key aspects:

Massive Images

Access to massive ophthalmic images.

Homogeneous source of data

Independent of the skills of the operator or different devices.

Tagged Images

A plenty of tagged images that will be produced as part of the telemedicine examinations by eye-physicians.

Intregration Marketplace

Marketplace for 3rd parties for integration for other AI companies by creating a dedicated API.

Our advanced A.I. platform, as well as serving as a precision diagnostic tool to the ophthalmologist, would also be an important aid for optometrists when deciding on client referrals to the ophthalmologist, effectively enhancing optometrists’ clinical diagnostic capabilities and narrowing the gap between ophthalmic and optometric services.

SlitLED’s innovation is a market game-changer

SlitLED’s unique approach to Telemedicine not only revolutionizes ophthalmic diagnosis by providing access to large underserved populations around the world but also brings great value for big players in the optometry retail industry. Our system would allow the optometrist to offer remote service and examination for multiple locations at once, making it no longer necessary for constant physical availability in every store. Furthermore, our System would allow any patient in any point of care, whether an optic store or a large retail store to not only offer optometry services but also remote ophthalmology care, using the same remotely operated medical device.

Meet our team

Dr. Halevy Benjamin

Cofounder/ Chief Medical Officer

Michael Narodizky

Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer

​Marco Garzozi​

Vice President of Business Development

Shuky Persky​​​​

VP of Research and Development

Prof. Erez Ribak​​

Scientific Officer​

Yossi Ackerman​​​​

Board Member

Prof. Alon Harris

Chairman of the Board


We want our device to bring the best solution for patients worldwide, allowing access to the highest level of ophthalmic care for millions of people, especially in these dire times of a spreading pandemic and social distancing.

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