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Dr. Benjamin Halevy​

Co-founder/Chief Medical Officer

This technological solution was invented and patented by SlitLED’s leading optical researcher – Professor Erez Ribak from the Technion in Israel. The idea is based on the simple concept of image freeze. Co-opt with novel optical innovations, it offers an elegant solution to precision remote slit imaging, allowing the doctor to examine very specific parts of the eye without having to suffer from the limitations of communication latency mechanical motor operation while moving the slit of light to a precise location inside the eye, and overcomes the not less complicated issue of precision imaging despite constant micro-movements (or saccades) of the patient’s eye.

Michael Narodizky

Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from the Technion Institute with a degree in computer science. Michael also has managerial experience in both firmware and hardware startups. In addition to his experience working in smaller startups, Michael has extensive experience working on technological projects in larger companies, among those are Elbit, IAI and IDF. Michael is responsible for combining the technical and entrepreneurial aspects of SlitLED and guiding the company to its goals.

​Marco Garzozi​

Vice President of Business Development

Holds a degree in life sciences from Tel Aviv University. In addition to growing up in a family closely related to ophthalmology, Marco has previous experience in marketing and project management in the ophthalmic-pharmaceutical field. Marco is responsible for the company’s marketing, business development and representation of the company.

Dan Viazovsky​​

Chief Technology Officer​

Holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute, Kursk, Russia and a M.Sc. in Electronics and Automation from the Polytechnic Institute Kiev, Ukraine. Dan is a hardware engineer with formidable experience in multiple fields, including board design, electro-mechanics, monitoring, propulsion and microscopy, his experience includes leading and managing hardware and manufacturing teams. Dan has extensive experience in the fields relevant to SlitLED’s development and has acquired a deep understanding of these fields. Dan Combines his hands-on experience in all those fields in order to lead the technological department to develop the product the company is aiming for.

Prof. Erez Ribak​​

Scientific Officer​

Professor Ribak is an expert in astrophysics and adaptive-optics. He is a researcher and lecturer at the Technion. He is credited with more than 200 scientific publications including 25 that are directly related to ophthalmology. In addition to being on SlitLED’s advisory board, Professor Ribak is the inventor of SlitLED’s multi-slit patent that provides the technical capabilities for remote ophthalmic examinations.

Advisory Board

Prof. Hanna Johnny Garzozi​​​

Medical Advisor

Professor Garzozi is the former head of the ophthalmic departments of the medical centers of “Haemek” in Afula and “Bnai Zion” in Haifa. Being a researcher of anterior segment laser, biometry and optic nerve blood flow, he has published more than 90 ophthalmic articles. Professor Garzozi is also a consultant to the WHO for developing countries, senior member of the American Ophthalmic Academy and active member of ARVO. As a very experienced ophthalmologist and researcher he guides SlitLED on the main clinical issues of the development of our product.

Prof. Ehud Assia​​

Medical Advisor

Prof. Ehud Assia was the Director of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Meir Medical Center, Kfar-Saba between 1994-2018. He serves now as the Director of the Center for Applied Eye Research there. Professor Assia has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers in the leading professional journals, over 50 other publications and 25 chapters in relevant books. Prof. Assia has developed multiple, original, patented medical devices and instruments. He is a member of the Cataract Clinical Committee of the ASCRS. He is also the Medical Director of the Ein Tal Eye Center, the biggest private eye center in Israel. Prof. Assia will assist SlitLED in establishing the required connections to the U.S ophthalmological community and guide the company through the FDA regulation process.

Dr. Barry Alan Schechter​​​

Medical Advisor

Dr. Schechter is a Director of cornea and cataract service at “Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute”. He is author of 20 peer reviewed articles in addition to membership at editorial board of “Advanced Ocular Care” and reviewer at several leading ophthalmic journals. Dr. Schechter is also a consultant and KOL at several companies including Johnson & Johnson surgical, Bausch and Lomb, Sun Pharmaceuticals and Member of the board for Innovation Pharmaceuticals. As a KOL with deep understanding of the target market, he will guide and assist SlitLED in various market and product related issues.

Dr. Sameer Trikha​​​

Medical Advisor

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon specialising in Glaucoma/Cataract
Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation.

MBA-qualified Consultant Ophthalmic surgeon with a subspecialty interest in micro-incision cataract surgery, complex glaucoma and digital health.
Big data and machine learning to improve clinical care.

Yossi Ackerman​​​

Strategic Advisor

Yossi is a startup investor, business mentor, and the former President and CEO of Elbit Systems, an Israel-based international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world.

Ofir Dubovi​​​

Strategic Advisor

A senior executive with proven success working with both small and large organizations in shaping strategic direction and establishing organizational structures and operating systems to ensure achievement of strategic goals


1 Ha-Tsmikha st. Yokne'am Illit 2069208, Israel

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